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DJ Chubby (left), Zamira, Ananta & Bina (right)

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Radio & Internet

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Hitting the sweet spot when it comes to content and music is imperative, as that’s what decides who the front runner is. You hear...

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In a space that’s lacking gender-specific shows, Chennai Live’s Man Friday—a show that discussed men’s issues—filled a vacuum. And when it went off air...


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Bollywood darling and a hit with brides globally, Manish Malhotra has joined the online club IT was just a matter of time before Manish Malhotra...

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A new online store on the block brings you young, individualistic fashion starting from `1,000 There are several fashion sites vying for attention online, like...


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Evam’s Happy Cow introduces children to pottery and shadow play this summer After last year’s success, Evam is ready with its second edition of Happy...

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With painting classes featuring bugs and fruits, Rainbow Fish Studio gets children to appreciate everyday design


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How about putting your face on a moccasin or your dog’s paw on a cushion? If  you want to steer away from the tried and...

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Moroccan tiles meet Rajasthani palatial paintings on Rashi Agarwal’s line of clutches, shopping and travel bags for Holii WITH Rashi Agarwal at the helm of...

Food & Drink

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Before you prepare for the Easter feasting, be sure to stock up on hot cross buns from places like The French Loaf (Rs. 40...

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For those who like to know how their meal is made, Foodology provides the perfect setting They call it a studio kitchen and some of...

Trend Report

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Though the San Francisco-based Uber and Bangalore-based Meru ply our roads with fancy wheels and advanced, customer-friendly technologies (think GPS tracking, app bookings, etc),...

Mind & Body

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Getting to know the basics in skin creams Are you savvy with the right cream buys this summer? We all know the drill—beat...
Deeptha Vivekanand (left), Monika Manchanda (right)





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