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    Freddy Koikarana��s Stagefright Productions presents three plays on Valentinea��s Day

    Freddy Koikarana��s, Stagefright has had 24 different productions in the last decade. Spread across various genres, Koikaran stages short and full-length plays, interactive shows, musicals and more. Combining their 10th anniversary and Valentinea��s Day, Koikarana��s wife Neesha is organising a supper theatre event, Love Bite, at Spoonbill, TTK Road. a�?We approached the restaurant and pitched the idea of performing short romantic comedies for their patrons. Ita��s a model we have used before, with great results. The show will have three plays of 10-12 minutes eacha��Arabian Nights, Sure Thing and Time Flies. My wife and I celebrate our anniversary on February 13, and almost every year, we are involved in a Valentinea��s Day production. So thata��s how we celebrate our anniversary,a�? Koikaran says.

    Evolution theory
    Though Stagefright started off as a theatre group, today there is more to this endeavour. a�?It is our dream to be able to offer acting classes. With the help of Aparna Nagesh, a friend and choreographer who has been working with me since 2010, I plan to give potential actors acting and dancing classes to help them make it to the big screen,a�? he says. Another area that hea��s involved in is talent management. From 2012, Koikaran has been managing promising talent under the banner Stagefright Talent Management Services. a�?We currently work with two bands in Chennaia��Tails on Fire and Rusty Moea��and High Kicks, Chennaia��s first all-girl dance ensemble. We are also negotiating terms with some solo singers and a budding DJ,a�? he says. Talking about the theatre scene in Chennai, Koikaran says, a�?It is buzzing, with multiple groups, festivals, and genres becoming prominent. Proper training is still clearly a challenge, but the enthusiasm is encouraging,a�? says the director who has been participating in the Short+Sweet festival from its inception in 2011.

    Play season
    Chennai has seen several theatre groups cropping up recently, but according to Koikaran, who has been part of the citya��s theatre scene since 1991, Stray Factory is promising. a�?They are one of my favourites right now. Theya��ve been doing some unique work,a�? he says. A fan of Broadway, Koikaran wishes to take his production, A Night at the Musical (2009), to New York. a�?The show featured excerpts from about 15 different musicals. Each sequence was about 6-8 minutes long, starting with dialogue and ending with a song,a�? he concludes.

    At Spoonbill, TTK Road, on February 14, from 8 pm onwards. Details: 42064442

    A�- Mrinalini Sundar


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