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    Make plans as DJs W&W, Anish Sood and Shaan perform at the Sunburn On Air tomorrow

    Wast May, Reload, one of Sunburna��s weekend events, took city partygoers by storm. We expect the same this time around, with the 50th episode celebration, Sunburn On Air, a popular online radio show. At Confluence Hotels and Resorts, the night will see performances by Dutch trance and house duo, W&W, along with DJ Shaan and DJ Anish Sood, who is Indiaa��s no one DJ according to MTV Inidaa��Rock Your Vote. Expecting an over-1,000-strong audience, W&W, who will be headlining the event, are excited about their first visit to the city. Explaining that they will be playing big-room house and EDM, they state, a�?Wea��re going to bring tonnes of energy. We will make sure no one can stand still.a�?A� More from them:

    How do you stay updated with the new sounds in the circuit?
    We think ita��s important to stay innovative and try new things. So wea��re in the studio a lot, experimenting with different sounds. We also listen to a lot of other producers and the demos we receive.
    Do you feel the music is getting too synthetic with technology?
    Ita��s so helpful to have all this technologya��we can use it to create better music. We do understand that it sort of kills the original and authentic way of making music, but why should that be a bad thing? Wea��re evolving in so many different ways, so why not in music production, too?

    Who are your musical influences?
    So many DJs and musicians are inspiring. If we really have to choose, wea��ve been hugely inspired by Armin van Buuren. Hea��s also the one who signed us to Armada, Amsterdam-based trance label, so hea��s definitely influenced us! Plus, hea��s a living legend.

    What music trends do you predict for 2015?
    What wea��ve been hearing in quite a few tracks is a chopped-up vocal, like in Voodoo by Jay Hardway and DVBBS and in The Only Way Is Up by Tiesto and Martin Garrix.

    What are you listening to right now?
    Wea��ve been listening to all the great stuff thata��s been released at the Ultra Music Festival that took place in Miami last month. Ita��s always a pleasure to hear what everyonea��s coming up with at the beginning of the festival season. And we spend a lot of time in the studio working on our new tracks.

    At Confluence, tomorrow, from 7.30 onwards. Tickets from Rs 1,500 to Rs 3,000. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

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    According to Anish Sood, who will host the show, besides being a part of the opening act, it will be an energy-filled evening. a�?The entire event has a unique concepta��with new lighting and stage settings conceptualised by Sunburn. I will be playing some mellow tunes, leaving space for W&W and Shaan to show some terrific fast-beat songs,a�? he adds. As for keeping up with music trends, he says, a�?The fresh tracks are generally played in Ibiza and Las Vegas. If they do well, then they go on to become global hits. I also follow artistes like Calvin Harris and make sure I know what music they are creating. Sometimes a song catches on here after a year. It is the DJ who introduces the crowd to new songs.a�?

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