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    Paula Abdul on why So You Think You Can Dance rocks

    So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYD) has kept its viewers hooked on to it since its
    premiere in 2005. The dance reality show is now heading for its twelfth season finale. American singer and choreographer Paula Abdul, who returned to the show as a
    permanent judge this season, tells us about her early days as a dancer and what she
    looks forward to in a contestant.

    You did a lot of studio training as a kid. Tell us about your passion for dance.
    It all started when I was four years old, when I first watched Singina�� in the Rain with my family. I fell in love with Gene Kelly, and my parents tell me that I stood up and proclaimed that I was going to be an entertainer. I started training when I was seven-and-a-half years old, which is considered kind of late today, because when I ask kids, who come to audition, how old they are, they say two-and-a-half to three! I did training in some ballet, tap, jazz and musical theatre.

    On what parameters do you judge a contestant?
    I like to see people stretch their boundaries and get outside of their comfort zone.

    The biggest challenge of your job…
    It is during the auditions when contestants get too caught up in their head and dona��t showcase their best raw talent. Therea��s some amazing talent out there but they may not be used to auditioning, so they have a certain perception of what the judges are looking for. They should just be present in the moment.

    Whata��s the secret to SYTYDa��s success?
    It is difficult to make it big as a dancer, and this show highlights that these kids can go on to become background dancers for BeyoncA� or Gaga or dance for award shows, or turn into award-winning choreographers. Thata��s why the fan base of SYTYD is so loyal.
    Monday-Friday, 8 pm on Vh1
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