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    Auroville gets the ball rolling on their five-day biennial film festival today

    Exploring a theme that resonates with the ideology of Auroville, the film festival, Human Unity, will feature 155 films made by Aurovillians and othersA�from across the globe.A�A�Aiming at connecting with people and cultures within and beyond Auroville, the evenings will begin with interesting food and music before the screening of the films.A�24.12A�Tom Mo, co-director of the festival, says, a�?We have introduced a new format where round table discussions will be held every day with judges and filmmakers, who will engage in live Q&A that others can also participate in. Film historian and visual artist Suresh Chatterjee from Bengaluru will also be joining us. Ia��m waiting to watch the documentaries that will be showcased.a�?
    24.13The festival begins with La��Urgence De Ralentir (The Invisible (R)Evolutions), by French director Philippe Borrel, who will be present at the screening. With indoor and outdoor venues, the organisers are looking forward to screening the stock motion and animation movies created by the students at Auroville.A�The township has also been organising workshops all year round, in schools in and around the community, and the films that have been made through this will beA�screened in the third category of the festival.A�To add toA�the merriment, you will also be treated to cultural shows featuring music and dance, and some inspired installation art (pictured far left).A�The festival promises to showcase the impact Auroville is trying to create in manifesting the ideal of human unity through these films.
    Details: www.aurovillefilmfestival.org

    Preethi Ann Thomas


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