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    At the BritishA�Councila��s movieA�marathon, find aA�new themeA�every month

    BASED on varying themes each month, British Councila��s movie marathon #20Films20Weeks kick-starts in September with a�?Roald Dahl and the youtha�� as its focus. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (the screenplay is co-written by Dahl) will be showcased in the city tomorrow, with films, curated by British Councila��s Arts and Libraries Team continuing in January next year, across nine cities that include Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Speaking about the concept, Mei-kwei Barker, director for South India British Council, says, a�?India loves cinema, and takes influence from other film cultures across the world. The 20 Films 20 Weeks programme responds to this by bringing a comprehensive selection of amazing British talent in the film world.a�? A fun feature of this event are the secret screenings. In this case, the movie is not disclosed to the audience beforehand but the British Council team will be releasing hints leading up to the screening on their social media accounts. a�?The idea is to keep the fun in going to see a film, by introducing an element of mystery to the programme. Wea��ll announce showcase films each month as we move into a new theme, and the secret screenings compliment thisa��you might end up seeing an Oscar-winning film without knowing it!a�? insists Barker. Upcoming themes include a�?women in filma�� for the next month followed by music as the focus in November, December will see Christmas-themed movies and in January, expect films of Ken Loach. At British CouncilLibrary. Details:bri tishcouncil.in/20films20weeks

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