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    Feels more like the 90s to me. Rajnikanth is now trending…. on Twitter. George Clooney is getting married. Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and Jordon Knight of a�?New Kids on the Blocka�� fame are forming a new musical duo set to release new music and tour the world. Who says I am getting old when there are so many established older folk doing typically young people things?

    With Rajnikanth making it to Twitter, it makes me believe in the power of the social media a�� a concept word that you and I have endlessly argued and debated in our own minds. Rajnikanth is extending a hand that many older Indian celebrities have not and as expected, his fans, young and old, have gone ballistic following. Imagine tweeting to the coolest man on the planet!!

    Who wasna��t a Backstreet Boys fan? Even if you were/are a closet fan, no denying that most men and women in their 20s and 30s know the lyrics to the most popular BSB songs. To see their most celebrated and well-known member, Nick Carter join forces with another boy bander, and create a new musical duo, I cana��t help but feel exhilarated. There is hope for us 17-year-olds stuck in an almost 30-year-olda��s body. I hope One Direction and 5 seconds of Summer are ready for a 90s boy band resurgence a�� the deadly dance and drool combination that had a generation going crazy.

    Ia��m going to be honest. I thought George Clooney would never get married again. I mean, he survived so many girlfriends for so long without the need to, that I kind of just got used to it. Please, hea��s like half a century old. Ita��s not unheard of but very rare for a man to settle down, again, at that age. Well there you have it. There is hope. Hope that ita��s never too late to join the social media, to make a musical comeback and to get married.

    Ita��s also never too late to go back to school, have a baby, adopt a cat or go white water rafting. So get up already and reclaim your right to do just whatever you want a�� age and legality appropriate of course.
    a��Shagufta Ahmed (Shagufta is an RJ and creative executive at Radio Indigo.A�The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in her personal capacity.)


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