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    Stock up onA� authenticA� ingredients from Bavaria

    The taste of Germany comes to town, as Good Food Retail partners with the Bavarian government. With the area best-known for beer (think Oktoberfest!) and automobiles, the celebration is a chance to let its culinary offerings come to the fore.

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    With Bavarian staples including cheese and meats, we wereA� most impressed with the fresh food on offer. Bergader Edelpilz a�� a creamy blue cheese made from fresh cowa��s milk, is a local delicacy, which can be enjoyed either alone or in salads, and to make dressings and sauces. Sausages including weisswurst (made from minced veal and pork back bacon) and NA?rnberger bratwursts should be sampled with Hausmacher Senf, a faintly sweet mustard dressing. Other condiments to try include truffel butter, which works particularly well with fish, and in pasta sauces.

    Coffee fans should pick up some of the Dallmayr varieties on offer, which include full-bodied blends and single origin coffees. A company that grew out of a Munich delicatessen and which dates back to the 17th century, it is one of Germanya��s best-known brands. Pair your coffee with sweet treats from the equally historic Reber confectionary house.

    The 150-year-old company prides itself on the Reber-Mozart-Kugeln, a praline made from dark chocolate, freshly roasted hazelnuts, alpine milk chocolate and pistachio marzipan. A discount of 25 per cent is available across the whole Bavarian range throughout the festival.

    Until April 21. At Whitefield Main Road, Vylikavel Main Road, Electronic City and Sahakar Nagar.
    Details: 8841231578

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