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    Incredible roles that actors missed out on

    Some characters actually become iconic despite the actor or actress being the second and sometimes third choice. But what if those who were originally approached to play the roles had said a�?yesa�?? Perhaps we could have had a Gandalf played by Sean Connery or Will Smith as Neo from The Matrix. We take a look at what might have been.

    Battle of Hemsworth

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    Chris Hemsworth may have sealed his place in history as the great Thor, but it didn’t come easy. Not only did he have to fight Tom Hiddlestone (who was eventually cast as Loki, Thor’s evil brother) but Chris had to also fend off competition from his own blood-brother Liam. Liam was closely watched and even made it to the final round of selections but alas, the producers opted for his sibling instead. Maybe he can take on the role if Chris grows out of it!

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