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    Hidden Hub

    The HiddenHUB is an upcoming, smart, wireless speaker which adapts the audio according to the shape of your room and your location, to always provide you with great sound. It integrates and connects with just about everything.

    Canon EOS Concept

    CAnon EOS 120M concept
    Canon has showcased (at its recent expo) a concept EOS camera with a 120 megapixel sensor. The images are expected to be hyperreal, with details visible like never before. canon.com/news

    Porsche Mission E Concept

    Porschea��s Mission E is an electric concept car that promises to perform with top speeds above 250 kph and 0-100 kph in less than 3.5 seconds. The car will go more than 500 km on a single charge and charge up to 80 per cent in less than 15 minutes. Bringing this concept to reality may take some time, but when it hits the roads, ita��ll be one sweet automobile. porsche.com

    B&W Diamond 800

    Bowers Wilkins Diamond 800 series
    The 800 series Diamond speakers from Bowers-Wilkins aims to produce accurate sound of the highest quality imaginable. The 802 D3 has a dome tweeter made of diamond for less distortion and a Continuum cone for superior mid-range, with an Aerofoil cone for incredibly accurate bass. bowers-wilkins.com

    Amazon Fire 4k TV

    Amazon has a new TV box that supports 4K video streaming, with users getting access to 4K UHD content from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HULU, plus lots of upcoming content, too. Available in the US from October 5. amazon.com

    Eyevan 7285

    Eyevan 7285
    Heard of Eyevan 7285 eye-wear? Neither had I before this week. This eyewear brand from Japan has some formidable sunglasses and spectacle frames. Their excellent use of titanium, acetate and high-grade polarised lenses result in fantastic finishing, quality and
    longevity. eyevan7285.com

    POD Tent

    pod tent
    These POD tents are ideal for social camping and are modular to adapt to your needs. Basically, a POD has eight poles and a central attachment that facilitates setting up a single tent in no time. If needed, you can attach further pods to make it a community tent. podtents.com

    NIMA Allergen Sensor

    Nima allergen sensor ( please remove text from pic)
    Meet NIMA, a new food allergen (gluten) sensor that strives to improve the quality of your life. All you need to do is place a sample of the food in a capsule in the device and wait two minutes for results. The portable device fits in your pocket. Versions for peanut and milk presence are coming soon. nimasensor.com

    a��Ashok Pandian

    Photographer: Shibu Arakkal


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