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    Smrithi Amarendran, Anjali Balu, Anita Mithra.

    Look out for 40 all-women, one-minute plays in Bangalore

    Yes, we know about one-minute trailers and ad campaigns, but ever thought of a play? Bangalore-based Anita Mithra’s The Tortilla Entertainment Company presents Zip Zap Pow, the Annual All Women’s One Minute Theatre Festival for the digital generation. Mithra, who organises the Short+Sweet festival in Bangalore, stumbled upon the one-minute concept in the US, a few years ago. “In this format, I realised that directors will focus on the most important issues. Secondly, for a crowd that has such a dwindling attention span, this format is perfect,” points out Mithra.

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    Initially there were 50 entries, of which 40 were selected. “It took New York several years to get 57 entries,” Mithra proudly says, adding, “We wanted to add a twist and make it all women. So they are written, directed and acted by women.” As for a specific theme that they have to follow, Mithra says, “Having one topic will be boring. The best way to keep it organic is by giving the directors their choice of subject.”
    Spread across four venues, the event sees 15 directors from Chennai-like Smrithi Amarendran, Padma Divakaruni, Deepa Ravi and Archana Kariappa. And will Mithra bring the concept to our city? “I know most of the directors who will be participating in Zip Zap Pow because they have taken part in Short+Sweet in Bangalore. Bringing the festival to Chennai is a dream and I will do that soon,” says the organiser.

    At Opus, Blaft, Brewsky and Sanctum, from June 27 to July 3. Details: 9986884372

    —Mrinalini Sundar


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