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    For youngsters who cana��t afford the trip to Goa, the India Bike Week comes South

    Next month will see the third edition of the India Bike Week flagging off at Vagator, Goa, and expectations are higher than ever. Names like Triumph, Aprilla, Vespa and Mahindra Centuro have signed up alongside Harley Davidson as sponsors, and the exhibition area is nearly four times the size of the first year to accommodate several new attractions, including a quarter-mile drag track for bikes and cars. Giving things an edge, the organisers, Seventy Event Media Group and FOX Life, have introduced a camping site where participants can avail packages (`2,703 for two nights ) including tents, mattress, blankets, pillows, breakfast, mineral water, tea and coffee. But for those who cana��t make it to Goa, Martin Da Costa (CEO, 70EMG) and his team are taking the IBW On-Tour.
    a�?Therea��s a huge number of youngsters who cana��t afford the trip. So instead of having them wait till they can, we thought why not take it to them,a�? says Da Costa, explaining that the event will be on tour in eight cities, starting January 14. Coming to the South in the first week of February (Coimbatore on February 1, Kochi on February 4), the travelling show is a five-hour event that will include several highlights from the actual event. But the show stopper, wea��re told, will be Lithuanian Stunt Rider and Red Bull athlete Aras Gibieza, who will be putting up a show in each of these cities. Other attractions will be a live band, plenty of bikes on display and a burnout-stage where you can show off your skills. But if you want more a�� to be a part of their special Gentlemana��s Ride in partnership with GQ Magazine, for instance a�� wea��ll see you at Goa!

    Entry for the IBW On-Tour will be priced at approximately `250. Details: indiabikeweek.in

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