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    Friday, May 20

    Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerera��s Curse
    Star Movies Action, 1.25 pm
    Cast: Ben Kingsley, Julian Morris,A�Tamzin Merchant
    Following an ancient prophecy of a falling starA�from the Draco constellation, a group of shamans
    in Northern Britain decide to wage warA�against the Southern kingdoms. Meanwhile,A�Gareth (Morris), a man who missed beingA�knighted for lack of money, decides to follow theA�falling star hoping to discover riches, but finds aA�dragon (Kingsley) instead, who is beingA�ambushed by the shamans. Though he wants toA�protect the dragon and save its nine eggs, theA�path ahead proves to be daunting. The movie received a lot of flackA�because a car appears in the meteor crash scene, set in the ninth century.

    The ReapingThe Reaping (Horror), HBO Hits, 11.47 pm
    Cast: Hilary Swank, David Morrissey,
    AnnaSophia Robb
    Katherine Winter (Swank) is a sceptic. AA�former missionary worker, she decidesA�to explore a town called Haven, afterA�locals claim the area has been struck byA�a biblical plague, which turned a riverA�red. When the test results reveal theA�presence of human blood in the water,A�Wintera��whose husband and daughterA�were sacrificed in the name of droughtA�in Sudana��suspects the involvement of aA�satanic cult. Winter plots to kill Loren
    (Robb), a village girl whom the townsfolkA�claim is an agent of Satan. Shot mostly in Louisiana,

    Saturday bow upForce (Crime/Thriller),
    Star Gold, 8 am
    Cast: John Abraham,
    Genelia Da��Souza, VidyutA�Jamwal
    A remake of GauthamA�Menona��s blockbusterA�Tamil movie, KaakhaA�Kaakha, Force follows
    the life of ACPA�Yashvardhan IPSA�(Abraham), a responsibleA�officer who, by dintA�of hard work, apprehendsA�a major drug mafia leader.A�But his priorities changeA�when he meets and falls in loveA�with Maya (Da��Souza), a free-spiritedA�woman, who he eventually marries.A�However, his marital lifeA�turns into a nightmare when theA�drug mafia targets his loved ones toA�take him down. Menon wanted toA�direct the Hindi remake with
    Sunny Deol in the lead.

    SundayblowupJupiter Ascending (Science Fiction), HBO, 9 pm
    Cast: Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Sean Bean
    Caught between the fight for inheritance and enmityA�of elite trans-humans and alien species on other planets,A�Earthlings face the possibility of being turnedA�into mere harvesting organisms. The one person whoA�can save Eartha��Jupiter Jones (Kunis), a cleaningA�lady who lives in Chicago, but who is, in reality, partA�of the galactic royaltya��is unaware of her destiny andA�unique genetic signature. Things go from bad to worseA�when Jones is pursued by the villainous Keepers,A�sent by a sinister alien lord to kill her. But CaineA�(Tatum), a hunter sent to locate, protect and educate
    Jones on her heritage, is her only hope forA�survival. Natalie Portman was initially consideredA�for the role of Jones.

    Saturday,May 21

    No ProblemA�No problem
    (Comedy/A�Action),A�&Pictures, 2.31 pm
    Cast: Sanjay Dutt,
    Akshaye Khanna,
    Kangana Ranaut
    Yash (Dutt) and RajA�(Khanna), two friends andA�minor thieves, escape toA�Durban in search of a newA�life after robbing theA�village bank managed byA�one of their well-wishers,A�Zandulal (Paresh Rawal). With Zandulal onA�their trail to retrieve the money, the duo gets intoA�more trouble as they get embroiled in a diamondA�robbery led by Marcos, an African don.A�Meanwhile, things get complicated when RajA�falls in love with Sanjana (Ranaut), the sister-inlawA�of Arjun Singh, a senior police officerA�in Durban. Actor Anil Kapoor is one of theA�co-producers of the movie.

    Life of Pi (Adventure/ Fantasy) Star Movies, 6.20 pmA�Life of Pi
    Cast: Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Tabu
    A writer approaches Pi Patel (Khan) to share his fascinatingA�story where he survived a ship wreck. TheA�latter talks about his life in Puducherry, where hisA�family owned a zoo, and how the younger Pi (SurajA�Sharma) found himself adrift with a Bengal tiger,A�called Richard Parker, and other animals for company.A�He survives at sea for 227 days. But there are two sidesA�to every story, which puts the writer in a quandary.A�Sharma never intended to audition for the film.A�He did it for his brother, but ended up beatingA�more than 3,000 people to bag the lead role.



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