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    Friday, June 3

    Johnny Gaddar (Action/Thriller), Star Gold HD, 10.05 pmA�car
    Cast: Dharmendra, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Dayanand Shetty
    Intrigued by the prospect of easy money,A�five men running a gambling cluba��includingA�Sheshadri (Dharmendra) and VikramA�(Mukesh)a��are lured into a deal where theyA�invest `50 lakh each. Though the taskA�appears to be a simple exchange of goods,A�things take a bad turn when Shiva (Shetty),A�the one assigned to deliver the money, isA�killed. What follows is a mad hunt to findA�the betrayer, who they think must be anA�inside man as no one else knows the detailsA�of the deal. This film also marks Mukesha��sA�entry into the film industry.

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    Insurgent (Sci-Fi/Action), Set Pix, 6.30 pm
    Cast: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Theo James
    Sequel to The Divergent, Insurgent follows aA�rebel soldier, Tris Prior (Woodley), as sheA�refuses to cope with the divergent rehabilitationA�facilities put together for soldiers byA�Jeanine (Winslet), the Erudite leader. When aA�mysterious box is discovered, which can beA�opened only by a Divergent, Jeanine declaresA�a martial law that marks everyone possessingA�these qualities as enemy of the state. HavingA�run out of options, soldiers including FourA�(James) and Caleb (Elgort) escape the compound.A�This is the first time Winslet has actedA�in a film series.

    Saturday,A�June 4

    Act of Valor (Action/Thriller),A�Car5
    HBO Hits, 1.47 pm
    Cast: Alex Veadov,A�Roselyn Sanchez, Jason Cottle
    Showcasing the plight of a team ofA�Navy SEALS bent on fighting global
    terrorism, the film is centered onA�the rescue mission of a CIA agent,A�Lisa Morales (Sanchez), whoa��s beingA�held captive in a forest in CostaA�Rica. Seven Navy SEALS, led byA�Lieutenant Rorke (Rorke Denver)A�manage to extract Morales from theA�terrorists. But the mission is not
    complete because soon they have anA�African smuggler, Mikhail ChristoA�Troykovich, and Abu ShabalA�(Cottle), a Chechen terrorist, onA�their trail. This filma��s cast includesA�actual Navy SEALS whose real identitiesA�are not revealed as per the policiesA�of the US government.

    Oblivion (Action/Mystery), Movies Now, 11.05 pmA�car6
    Cast: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Andrea Riseborough
    On a mission set in post-apocalyptic Earth, Jack Harper (Cruise)A�and his team member Victoria (Riseborough) are among the lastA�humans on the planet. The others have been relocated to coloniesA�on Saturna��s moon, Titan. Jack is assigned to protect the fusionA�energy generators on Earth, which now provides energy forA�Titan. But his hallucinations (very much like memories) andA�unusual discoveriesa��such as drones from his parent organisationA�sent to kill stray humans remaining on Eartha��leads him toA�question his mission and the real purpose behind it. Oblivion isA�the second movie to have Freemana��s narration accompanyingA�Cruisea��s character, the first being War of the Worlds.

    Sunday, June 5

    car3Bourne Legacy (Crime/Mystery), Star Movies, 6 pm
    Cast: Matt Damon, Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton
    Fourth among the Bourne series, Bourne Legacy follows the medicalA�experiments undertaken by the government to enhance the abilities of its
    agents. With two new recruits, Aaron CrossA�(Renner) and Number Three, sent to Alaska to surviveA�an endurance test, the state is faced with an
    investigation instigated by agent Jason BourneA�(Damon) exposing their previous medical programmesa��A�including Operation Blackbriar,A�Treadstone and the recent Outcome. When a compromisingA�video surfaces online, threatening toA�expose these operations, Colonel Eric ByerA�(Norton), who is overseeing them, releases anA�order to kill all the remaining agents under medication.A�But Operation Outcome is not the end ofA�their plans. Bourne Legacy happens in the sameA�time period as Bourne Ultimatum

    Hate story 3 (Drama/Thriller),
    Star Gold, 9.45 pm
    Cast: Sharman Joshi, Zarine Khan,Karan Singh Grover, Daisy ShahA�

    After the unprecedented death ofA�her love interest, Vikram SinghA�(Grover), Siya (Khan) enters a
    marital alliance with hisA�brother, Aditya (Joshi).A�Though they seem toA�have a picture perfectA�life at first, the peace is
    rudely disrupted whenA�Saurav Singhania, aA�mysterious strangerA�bearing a tattoo identicalA�to Singha��s, comesA�into their lives with anA�extraordinary businessA�deal. When AdityaA�realises that his secretary,A�Kaya (Shah), mightA�be trying to sabotage hisA�company, he resolves toA�uncover Singhaniaa��s trueA�motives. Gurmeet ChoudharyA�was initially considered forA�Adityaa��s role.


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