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    Doctor Jamuna Paia��s cosmetic clinic comes to the city

    Mumbai-based cosmetologist, Jamuna Pai comes across as friendly, cheerful and patient. Traits that keep her going all year round. a�?I work 365 days a year, unless Ia��m travelling,a�? begins Pai, who has been associated with the Femina Miss India beauty pageant for over 15 years. Started back in 1994 as Blush Clinics, Pai has now renamed it to Dr Jamuna Paia��s SkinLab, to a�?keep up with the timesa��. With four branches so far (two in Mumbai, and one each in Pune and Delhi), she now brings it to Bengaluru. a�?There have been countless treatments and technologies that have come to India first through our clinics.The other thing that really sets us apart is the number of trials we conduct before introducing anything to our clients. Nothing gets past our gates easily,a�? says Pai, who last year, launched her book, No One Has To Know: Anti Ageing for The Indian Skin. Pai tells us more.

    Trends you foresee
    People are moving more and more towards organic ways, with a special focus on healthy and youthful skin, without surgery. On the other hand there have also been a number of advancement in the field of laser hair removal and hair transplants. Therea��s research going on , on transplanting hair from another persona��s scalp, instead of onea��s own donor area. Therea��s a lot going on in the field of skin and hair care, and ita��s quite exciting.

    Your personal skin care regimen
    I generally start my day with neutraceuticals (I take Omega 3, B3, B12, and iron supplements). This is something that we prescribe to our clients we well. We stress on things like the importance of drinking a green juice and getting your required dose of Vitamin C daily. Similarly neutraceuticals too are an important part of a health regime. I also have a lemon shot with my green juice. Lemon shots, though acidic, help maintain ph levels which are very important for the skin. I also use a night repair cream with Salicylic acid, which helps unclog pores and neutralises bacteria. If your skin reflects light in the morning, you know your night cream is working.

    Diet speak
    We all love our comfort food, be it Chinese or pasta or pizza. These foods make the tissues acidic, which makes your skin prone to aging, as they result in free radicals (damaged cells), which then break down collagen (a protein produced by skin that makes it plump and youthful). So, ita��s very important to keep your ph levels in check. Ia��d say avoid red meat and sugar as much as possible and incorporate dark coloured fruits and veggies into your diet, such as carrots, beetroot, spinach, broccoli, and whole nuts. Carbs are also essential to keep your skin healthy. Eat every three hours and exercise regularly.

    Treatments you recommend
    All our treatments are equally important, but a few that stand out are the Antioxidant Treatment (which gives the skin a nice glow), and the CoolSculpt Body Contouring (which kills fat cells by freezing them). All our treatments are completely non-invasive.

    Rs 1,000 upwards.
    The clinic launches on A�July 1, at Vittal Mallya Road. Details: 7259200200

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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