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Meet the on-screen mean machines from your nightmares

IT’s Friday the 13th and what better thing to do today than to bring out a list of terrifying trucks from Tinseltown! Watch these movies and you’ll never look at a truck in your mirrors the same way again.

Duel (1971)
A businessman on a trip through an empty desert highway gets chased down by a psychotic truck driver as the huge rusty trailer keeps attempting to kill him. This classic from Steven Spielberg will have you on the edge throughout its 90-minute run time and leave you with a mortal fear of tailgaters forever! Don’t miss the Plymouth sedan try its best to out-run the murderous rust-bucket in some of the best automotive camerawork ever.

Joy Ride (2001)
This one may have a similar storyline as Duel with a psychotic trucker looking to mow down some regular folk on a crosscountry drive, but it’s got Paul Walker in it
and an imaginative plot for modern times. What irks this trucker isn’t road rage, but a prank gone wrong on a random CB radio, out in the middle of nowhere. And then there is Director John Dahl’s genius to look out for as well. The movie has three different endings — see how many you can catch!

Jeepers Creepers (2001)
A rusted, mean-looking delivery truck driven by a winged creature sounds almost comical doesn’t it? Well, not if that creature turns out to be on a flesh-eating
rampage, chasing you down the countryside! It gets even more terrifying when it’s hunting you because you know its secret and it can have no loose ends. That’s pretty
much what Jeepers Creepers is all about and if watching this one doesn’t freak you out about big rigs in your mirrors, then nothing will!


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