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This ongoing food festival at The Westin offers a peek into regal Awadhi and Deccan flavours

The sweet-and-salty tussle between North India and South India is never complete without the war of words and, of course, the variants of similar-yet-different cuisines.Ai??Bringing both the regions together on a dining table is the food festival ai???Nawabs and Nizamsai??i?? at Kangan, The Westin, that has our attention with their opulent menu of choicest dishes curated by chef Rakesh Singh Anand.

The menu is elaborate comprising more than 20 dishes, including Chefai??i??s specials like the ai???Andey Kii Nazakatai??i?? which is a soft log of whisked egg that is grilled. Explains the chef, ai???We took beaten egg mixture and put the same in a special plastic bag which was dipped in water just below boiling point. When the mixture simmers, it becomes fluffy and loaf-like, after which it is sliced and grilled.ai??? The dish is best had with spicy green chutney.

The starters, Mushroom Galawati and Kakori Kebabs just melted in our mouths, leaving a faint trail of spices on the tongue. Admittedly, it was difficult to find out that galawati was prepared with mushrooms and not mutton. The Murgh Rizala consisted of stuffed chicken in a gravy prepared with a paste of cashew nuts. The gravy could have been thinner since the dish is better relished as a broth, perfect for dunking in the flat bread, the way it used to be done during Nawab Wajid Ali Shahai??i??s exile in Bengal where the dish originated. The star of the menu was Bater Mussallam, whole quail cooked and served on the table with its tiny eggs and chandi ka varq (silver leaf).

It was quite a change from the usual Murgh Mussalam ai??i?? whole stuffed chicken. The meat had the smoky flavour the bird is known for. Meanwhile, their Murgh Awadhi Biryani stood out with its fine grains, light spices, distinct fragrance and succulent meat chunks, served with caramelised onions. Mehlati Ke Jhinge, Deccanai??i??s royal food, was cooked with coriander leaves and spring onions. The sumptuous dinner concluded on a rather sweet note with desserts like Yaquti, Seviyan Ka Muzzafar and Hyderabadai??i??s very own, Shahi Khubani Tukda.

The festival is on till January 28. Time: 7 pm-11 pm. Price: Rs2,000++per head. Details: 67676767
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