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    In its fourth year, Kichadi Theatre sees directors and theatre groups coming together

    WTD-2013---009IT IS that time of the year when theatre groups unite and work together to give us a selection of plays. In its fourth year, Kichadi Theatre, organised by Freddy Koikaran, the head of Stagefright Productions, will see seven plays by 30 actors. An experiment started four years ago, this year, seven directors have been identifieda��namely Sreekumar Varma, Rajiv Rajendra, Shekinah Jacob, Sunanda Raghunathan, Jayashree Venkatesan, Meera Sitaraman and Naren Weiss.

    a�?They have been given the task of writing a 10-minute play featuring three-four characters. They were allotted a week to write the script,a�? says Koikaran, who started Kichadi Theatre along with Mathivanan Rajendran from Stray Factory.A� This year, Koikaran decided to call for entries for actors. a�?We selected the directors but we wanted to choose the actors, too. Also, last year, we only had actors from theatre groups. This year we want to leave it open to individual actors as well, who do not want to associate themselves with a particular theatre group,a�? says the director, pointing out that there have been more than 75 registrations for actors.

    The Kichadi format has benefitted the theatre groups in Chennai and Balakrishnan Venkataraman from Theatre Nisha says, a�?a�? It is great fun working with new people. In fact, I discovered a lot about my directorial ability and the entire format poses a challenge.a�?

    At Ashvita, R A Puram, onA� Sunday, 7 pm. Tickets at Rs. 200, available on eventjini.com. Details: 9884073737

    -Mrinalini Sundar


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