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Deeptha Vivekanand (left), Monika Manchanda (right)

Stories come alive with food-based activities making for a memorable summer workshop

Monika Manchanda, food blogger, consultant and home baker, and Deeptha Vivekanand, professional storyteller at Ever After, come together for a truly one-of-a-kind summer workshop that combines the magic of storytelling with the adventurous world of cooking, in Bake A Tale. In its second edition this year, the workshop will weave elements of food into the stories or vice versa. Kids will be treated to a hands-on experience, creating dishes central to the tale told on a particular day.

a�?There are a lot of books where food plays quite a big role and ita��s very hard to find a novel or a story without even a small reference to food in them,a�? says Manchanda, adding, a�?This is something that both Deeptha and I love. Stories and food are both essential parts of life, specially for kids. Ita��s surprising no one has thought of bringing these two elements together before.a�?

Around the world
While last yeara��s edition did not have a central theme and was more varied with different kinds of stories each day, this yeara��s workshop will be more focussed on folk tales and dishes based on a new country every session. a�?This year we wanted to make it more structured, hence we chose a theme a�� uncommon dishes that you would not expect at a regular kidsa�� cooking class because we wanted to push their boundaries a little,a�? Vivekanand, who grew up on a staple of Enid Blyton with frequent references to sandwiches, scones, lemonade and ginger ale, explains. The countries kids will get to explore through the medium of food and tales include Italy, China, France, Australia, India and even exotic South America. She even wrote to the Australian Storytelling Guild in New South Wales after her search for a proper Aussie-based tale was fruitless.

The week-long workshop costs Rs. 3,950. From April 22. At Atta Galatta, Koramangala. Details: 9916641717

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