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    As the world dances to Happy, this website keeps track

    From Aachen to Zurich, everyonea��s Happy. The proof: over 936 videos (from 100 countries) posted on the world wide web, showing people from different races, ages and cultures dancing to Pharrell Williamsa�� infectious song. And trying to keep track of the variety is one website, We Are Happy From…

    Pursuit of happiness
    Started by Julie Fersing, 32, and LoA?c Fontaine, 33a��a French couple from Nantes, in the west of Francea��the site, which went live in January, has an interactive map that lets you browse videos by location. a�?Initially, Julie used to trawl the net, hunting for videos. But when the numbers grew, we gave our guests the option to a�?suggesta�� a video, by selecting the city, country, and video link,a�? saysA� Fontaine, who organised the Nantesa�� Happy video recently. During the day, Fersing is an interior designer and Fontaine a web developer. But their free time and weekends are devoted to sorting and validating videos, and updating the map.

    Smile factor
    The couple receive around 20 to 40 videos a day. a�?The latest from India is two videosa��from Kolkata (920th) and Mumbai (936th),a�? says Fontaine, adding that a�?the videos are true sociological, architectural and geographical studies and have made us want to go on a world tour.a�?

    Though ita��s tough for them to pick favourites (they believe a�?happiness should not be judgeda�?), they did share five videos that resonated with them. a�?Dunkerque, in northern France, was the first one we found. Kampot, in Cambodiaa��performed by people with disabilitiesa��was very touching. We loved Split, in Croatia, for their aesthetics and Tel Aviv, in Israel, for their staging. And all the Romanian videosa��with a common thread of a suitcasea��to show the relay of happiness across cities,a�? he concludes.
    Details: wearehappyfrom.com

    a�� Surya Praphulla Kumar


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