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    Sofia Vergara on life beyond the sets of Modern Family

    Playing the fiesty, fashionable wife and mother on Modern Family is something Colombian actress Sofia Vergara truly enjoys. Married to a much older Jay Pritchett, her character Gloria is a doting mum. But her difficulty with the English language also lends a lot of humour to the show. The Hot Pursuit star, whoa��s had four Golden Globe Awards nominations for the sitcom, tells us about life beyond Modern Family.

    How does it feel to be the highest-paid woman on American TV?
    I dona��t know if ita��s true, but it sounds amazing.

    What do you do to stay in shape?
    I am lucky, I have a good figure. For me, ita��s torture to go to the gym. But now I have accepted this as part of my job. So I have a trainer, Gunnar Peterson, who I go to whenever I feel like it. I also go to pilates and try to do some exercise, at least two or three times a week. For me, ita��s like a discipline, much like learning my lines.

    What about your diet?
    Thata��s another reason why I exercisea��because I love eating. In the Latin culture, you celebrate with food. You do a funeral with food (laughs). And when you go to the sets every day, they have sandwiches, cakes, everything.

    How often do you go to Colombia?
    Not as often as I would like to. But I go when therea��s a wedding or a customary ritual.

    Will you like to work there again?
    Of course. In Colombia, I worked in TV only for two years.A� But you know, Ia��m on Modern Family seven months of the year. Then I am doing movies for the remaining months. I also have my contracts with all the endorsements. So I cana��t do a soap opera (in Colombia), for instance. That will take me 10 months.

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