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    After his second outing with David O Russell, the actor talks about fears and comfort

    American Hustle actor, Bradley Cooper, is one of the biggest names in Hollywood today. And with an Oscar nomination under his belta��for Silver Linings Playbooka��he is riding high. We recently spotted the actor, lookingA� sauve in a Tom Ford tuxedo, escorting his mother down the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards, earlier this week. In American Hustle, Cooper, 39, plays Richie DiMaso, an ambitious FBI agent. Based on a real FBI operation in the late 1970s and 80, Cooper will be seen along with Jennifer Lawrence as well as Christian Able and Amy Adams, who play two con artists.

    Your thoughts on the cast?
    Feels like I have won aA�lottery. I mean, to be put in a cast like this and play the role of Richie DiMaso,A�ita��s crazy.

    Did you immediately say yes to it?
    David O Russell didna��t pick up the phone because I was standing right next to him. We were editing Silver Linings Playbook. So I was sort of there, watching him as he was cultivating this whole idea, creating these characters, getting the cast.

    Tell us about your character.
    Hea��s a kind of man who wants to be where hea��s not [supposed to be], which is a dangerous place for a strong, young male to be mentally because he can cause a lot of damage. HeA� doesna��t like that he lives at home or lives under a rock in this bureau of investigation, where he has no power. And then he suddenly sees all these shiny objects, these con artists who are so good at what they do. They dress better than him and their life is sexy. So he just kind of wants to become them.

    What chemistry does your character share with Sydney Prosser (Amy Adams)?
    He is trying to show off to her. Hea��s always like, a�?Look what I did. I set this thing up to torture you. It was my idea.a�? He wants her to know that he is controlling the whole thing. It is probably a very problematic place to be if you constantly wantA�affirmation from people. But his love for her is pure. That is notA�a manipulation.

    How is David O Russella��s style of working?
    David writes a very specific script, and then he re-writes the stuff whenever it is relevant to the story he wanted to tell. So it was almost as if everything was happening in that very moment that we were doing it.

    Did you enjoy working with David?
    I love that hea��s there. Anytime Ia��m working on a movie, I ask the director to be close. I cana��t stand when they are back there and you cana��t hear them. It feels disconnected.

    How was it working with Adams?
    Amy is incredible. In terms of our experience, it was just so easy with her. It all just flowed.

    And what about working with Christian Bale (Irving Rosenfeld)?
    With Christian, I was just so amazed standing with this man that I love as an actor in the same room as Richie DiMaso and Rosefeld. I love the way we just got into it.

    Have youA� evolved as an actor?
    Ia��d say Ia��m more comfortable in the whole arena. With each project you do, you learn more things. Whatever fears you have, sort of go away.

    The movie is scheduled to release today.
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