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    How to tap your creativity through Subbody Butoh

    The annual tour of Dharamshala-located Himalaya Subbody Butoh School is coming to Bengaluru for the first time. It will include a workshop, a residency-cum-laboratory programme for artistes, and an exhibition (on January 30-31).
    With the extensive tour, Bengalureans will be introduced to a�?Subbody Butoha�� a�� a technique to access the subconscious body a�� developed by Rhizome Lee, founder of the school. Subbody butoh is part of the larger spectrum of butoh, which is a form of Japanese dance theatre. But ita��s also gaining popularity as an alternate approach of wellness around the world. a�?Suppressed subbodies fixate energy which can lead to stress and various kind of illnesses. Subbody butoh can resolve these,a�? says a student of the school Devanjali Sarkar, who has also curated the tour.
    Mind&aboydanchor2She explains the dance technique, which calls for a mind-body connection: a�?Subbody butoh is an exploration of the subconscious body. And it can happen only in silence. It helps you to listen to the subtle movements and energies of your subbodies. Drop your thoughts, listen to subbody, and let your physical body respond to what it listens. There is no structure to this dance.a�?
    These conditioning techniques (such as breathing and meditation) help to calm down your everyday conscious mind. This will make you attentive of your subconscious body, which is a surreal space, full of creativity. So once you get there, your subbody will create various novel movements naturally.
    After the workshop, which will be conducted by Creative Movement Therapy Association of India, trainers, (called midwives), will move to AntZ farm in Tumkur. There they will co-create dance, music, and audio-visual installations inspired by the technique. All this will be showcased in an exhibition at Shoonya, a centre for art.
    Workshop on January16-17. Rs.A�4,000. At Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat. 10 am-5 pm. Details: info@cmati.org



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