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    All about an evening spent savouring the fantastic Louis XIII at The Cheroot a�� Malt & Cigar Lounge

    It looks like tarnished gold. And every drop is as expensive and rare as a drop of liquid gold! It goes by the name of Louis XIII, the premium cognac from Remy Martin. And only a lucky few got to experience this precious brew at an exclusive Gentlemena��s Evening at The Cheroot a�� Malt & Cigar Lounge at the ITC Grand Chola.

    Louis XIII is born from a pure act of genius, according to Christophe Bourrie, the branda��s Regional Director who was in town for the event. The story begins in a tiny village called Cognac in France circa 1724, when cognac producers used to sell cognac in barrels of young age. It took a Remy Martin ancestor to store the cognac barrels for decades together in the family cellar. After his death, the barrels remained in the same cellar across four generations and it was only 150 years later that the first decanter was released by Paul Emile Remy Martin. Thus was born Louis XIII, a very rare cognac made of the exceptional blend of 1200 eaux-de-vie from the best cru of Cognac (a�?Grande Champagnea�?). Aged up to 100 years and presented in the finest Baccarat crystal decanter with a 24 carat gold neck, it is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

    a�?While most count their lives in years, Louis XIII counts in centuries,a�? observes Bourrie. In India, Louis XIII dates back to 1881,where the financial records show orders for cases from Maharajas and merchants located in Chennai, Mumbai and Calcutta. Unlike regular cognac that is served in goblets, the 100-year-old rare cognac is served in specially hand crafted crystal glasses. Noemie Levieux, the brand ambassador of Louis XIII, guided us through the exquisite experience. The fine art of tasting the rare cognac, first by taking a whiff from the rim and not the centre of the glassa�� to rolling the first few drops in the mouth with a little air! One could smell plums, ginger and an explosion of spices. It is believed that there are at least 250 individual aromas in this cognac.

    I could not believe that I had just tasted a 100-year-old vintage cognac. And to enhance the experience, ITCa��s premium Armenteros cigars were passed around, making it a very very special evening indeed. And for those of you who cana��t have too much of a good thing, Ranvir Bhandari, the VP & GM of ITC Hotels, reveals that ITC Grand Chola is the only hotel in India to have a display of Louis XIII new limited edition Rare Cask 42.6 at The Cheroot a�� Malt & Cigar Lounge.

    – U Jayraj Rau The author, a former Senior VP & GM of JWT, is currently a Business Advisor and can be reached at jayrajrau@gmail.com

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