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    Dancer Ghirija Jayarraj has Something to Saya��with dance, documentary and an exhibition

    Come Saturday, audiences can watch Indian classical dance in a new light. Something to Say, a production by Shastram, an Australia-based dance and theatre production company, is a contemporary take on classical dance forms. A fusion between stage and screena��a documentary will be screened that delves into the performersa�� personal dance experiences and discusses how to take the art form forwarda��the event will have performances by artistes like Prateeksha Kashi, Shwetha Krishna and Christopher Guruswamy. There will also be discussions on social issues, culture and tradition, besides a photography and painting exhibition.
    Created by Ghirija Jayarraja��a Sri Lankan by birth who was raised in Chennai and Australiaa��it is a journey to discover her roots through dance. While the idea took root in Australia, it took discussions with foreign artistes and a performance in London before it found its way to India. a�?This has been a dream since I was 12. At an Indian Independence Day celebration in Australia, I saw a documentary that showed the grandeur and history of India. It struck me how big a part of Indian history classical dance is and I knew we could do so much more with what we havea��create new work and experiment with the art,a�? says Jayarraj, 35, who founded Shastram. She believes that though people have high regard for the art form, they are afraid to delve deeper. a�?Ideally, Ia��d travel the West with my shows, but I chose Chennai because it is only dharma to show people here the ideas I want to take forward,a�? says the Melbourne-based artiste.
    Tomorrow, at 3 pm, at Chinmaya Mission Hall. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

    Preethi Ann Thomas


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