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    The handy Aquabot 4.0 helps you tackle wet and dry floors at one go

    With more and more people going online to order everything from groceries to cars, herea��s one more thing you can add to the lista��a robot that keeps your floors squeaky clean. Designed for domestic households, the Aquabot 4.0 is a high-tech gadget that comes with an advanced full wet mopping system, along with a small water reservoir for the purpose. a�?It also boasts other features such as the robotic sixth sense, powerful suction and automated suction power control, UV radiation cleaning, automatic obstacle and fall detection, high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, and all-surface cleaning,a�? explains Anku Sharma, marketing head for Milagrow India, whichA� has developed the technology. It also has an in-built infrared technology that helps map the room and detect obstacles in its path, in order to carry out the task. a�?It can also get under furniture as long as it has the ground clearance,a�? Sharma says.

    The remote-control enabled Aquabot 4.0 also has a battery backup of 120 minutes when fully charged, allowing it to cover 3,000 sq ft on a single charge. Much like you set your alarm clock, you set a timer on the robot and it automatically starts cleaning when the alarm goes off. a�?In case of low battery, the robot automatically goes back to its docking station to get recharged,a�? Sharma adds.

    The technology has become an instant hit with both the elderly and working couples, and is also ordered for cleaning server rooms and pharmaceuticals. Available on major e-commerce sites like Amazon and e-Bay. Rs 29,999. Details: milagrowhumantech.com

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