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So much for a�?no noise pollutiona�� and a�?hey people dona��t blow up your moneya��! The Goda��s must be crazy. There can be no other explanation for the wanton waste of hard earned money. We fuel the superstition that the destruction of our eardrums and our atmosphere will lure the Goddess of Wealth into our homes! Well folks, how about we spend less money on the crackers and more money buying blankets for the poor shivering souls that dot our footpaths? Perhaps that will warm the cockles of the goddessa��s heart eh?

Firmly keeping up my principle of spending Diwali at home with the family, I attended a pre-Diwali and noiseless get together at the beautiful Kotecha home. A small group of friends shared conversations, jokes, advice and food, on the dimly lit terrace, surrounded by a peace and bonhomie that no amount of money can buy. The night reluctantly wore down, and we returned home to a houseful of my children and their friends who were having a whale of a time. It was a wonderful feeling to be a part of both worlds, and truly a time when one is thankful for all the blessings in ones life.

Emily and Tom McSweeney are an affectionate and gregarious couple. The petite Emily, a Filipino, is the perfect foil to the big Texan, Tom. With a flick of her well-shaped brow she can turn the towering Texan to putty. Ita��s wonderful to see that size, truly doesna��t matter! A�Toma��s stint in India has come to and end, so they threw a farewell party for an intimate group of their friends. Ita��s always fun to see how people from all over the world take to namma Bengaluru like moths to a flame. While yours truly, the true blue, home-grown Indian wore a dress, I was impressed by how the foreigners valiantly struggled in their Indian avatars. Kudos to that!

Adam Bidapa is a chip of the old block. He has taken off where his father, style guru, Prasad left off. Along with his partner Carun Carumbiah, these lads put up a great show of fashion, comedy and music at the launch of the newest a�?pub on the blocka��, Euphoria. This impressive microbrewery opened to a packed crowd, and one could spot all the regular partya��hearties having a great time.
They dona��t call Bangalore the a�?pub citya�� for nothing now, do they?

– Rubi Chakravarti (rubichakravarti@gmail.com)


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