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We catch up with the worlda��s priciest hair stylist Rossano Feretti, in town to open his signature salonA�at The Ritz Carlton

There is no question that Rossano Feretti is the most expensive hair stylist in the world. And you would be forgiven if you have never heard of him since he limits his expertise to a handful of niche luxury salons in international fashion capitals catering to the likes of Kate Middleton, Hollywood A-listers and wealthy Sheiks or business magnates who can afford to fly him down privately. a�?I dona��t do weddings as a rule, but a businessman from Taipei asked me to name my price and fly down to do his daughtera��s hair for her wedding.On a whim, I quoted 50,000 USD as my fee.The next day the money was in my bank account,a�? he laughs.

So clearly, the 1000 USD price tag for a Feretti hairstyle is now passe, but the Italian hair artiste currently only styles hair for charity benefits. a�?I dona��t need to cut hair myself anymore. My team is excellently trained in my patented style of Metodo or method of hair cutting that represents my philosophy and respect for the natural movement of hair. I hand-pick each one of my trainees personally. After intensive training and internship, which my sister Lorenzo handles, they are placed in Feretti salons around the globe,a�? he explains describing how he grew up wanting to be an architect in a tiny village of just 300 people, Campegine near Parma, Italy.

His grandfather cut the villagersa�� hair in the townsquare and his mother ran a little salon where Feretti would occasionally moonlight for a little pocket money. Then, he went to London in the 70s and trained under legends like Vidal Sassoon, creating his own method of cutting hair or the Metodo. A worldwide spokesperson for La��Oreal Professional, he designs his own scissors and dresses in a characteristic cravat, suit and loafers mostly in shades of black and white. a�?Ia��m interested in waking up passion in the industry. Now, we are doing a video, to transmit the passion for design and beauty to the next generation,a�? he says expansively. Feretti is headed home to spend Christmas in Parma with his family.


a�?I will enjoy a whole week of laid-back family time with my girlfriend, ex-wife, two sons (one is a football pro and the other has recently joined his business) mother and sister. Ita��s the really simple things in life that make me the happiest,a�? he signs off.
You can get a makeover by a Rossano Feretti-certified stylist at The Salon at The Ritz Carlton where the charming Carlos Saavedra (who trained at Feretti hairstyling bootcamp under Lorenza Feretti herself) will combine an amazing hair ballet and some nifty scissoring to turn you into a whole new person.

Rs 3,800 to Rs 7,500++. At Residency Road. Details: 49148000

a�� Jackie Pinto