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    A social network that hopes to educate

    Reminiscent of old-school Facebook, Flatparty is the new kid on the social networking block. And in adapting to the dynamic online world, in only a few months, the site has already upgraded features. With operations based in New York, the business registered users to create profiles, upload photos, videos, music and send messages (and texts) for free. Aimed at students to promote education and learning through marketing, Anto Toms, CEO, believes it will eventually play an important role in bringing people together a�?on a single platforma��.

    Polling booth
    Flatparty also has features like MyRealm, Forum, Blogs and Polls to enhance the multiple utility. MyRealm allows users to create or join groups and share content through messages or emails. Forums help initiate discussions and Polls get a user public opinion. a�?These features will allow people to communicate real time activities they are involved in and promote collaboration among groups like never before,a�? shares Toms, hinting at more features soon.

    Guest services
    More recently, the site rolled out the a�?guesta�� feature allowing a user to invite up to 250 non-members for any event, expanding their outreach further. Theya��ve also started email templates which makes it that touch more professional than other social networking sites, especially since they also allow you to customise your template with company logos and business taglines.

    We could easily get used to Flatparty, thanks to its glitch-free, user-friendly set-up, but a little more attention to the visual aspects of the site could make it more popular. A mobile version of this is expected in the next few months.

    Details: flatparty.com

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