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    Designer, actor,A�A�and dancer, Deepti Sudhindra is back on stage with her solo act

    Stories of Krishna, especially in Indian classical dance, are not uncommon. However the one thing that makes most of them unique are the different interpretations of these stories.Deepti Sudhindra, who wears many hats, is ready with her story, a performance that she will stage this weekend in the city.
    Talking about her show, she says, a�?The performance is a margam, and it focuses entirely on Lord Krishna, starting with the Pushpanjali, and concluding with Thillana. Each piece will represent stories where men and women desire to seek union with Krishna,a�? she says.
    Her last solo performance was in 2012, where shea��d experimented with a varnam, and breaking the flow with narrative pieces in English. a�?This time round, I seek to go deeper into the dance and choreography and weave a story through the performance,a�? Sudhindra adds.
    The dancer also clarifies that while her performance focuses on Krishna, ita��s not exactly his story. a�?I dona��t think I am ready yet, to tell the whole story. These are only excerpts from compositions that we have selected from the 12th century, and some from modern composers as well,a�? she explains, adding, a�?Krishna is an energy field of bliss and love. While choosing the dance pieces, my teacher and choreographer Guru Kiran Subrahmanyam and Sandhya Kiran have kept that idea as the root. So each character I attempt to represent through the margam is relating to Krishna as a community, a parent, or a devotee who cannot bear the separation from his or her beloved god.a�?
    Sudhindra says that shea��s discovered freedom in bharatnatyam, and while she has not broken the tradition of the dance form with this recital, she is only a�?extending our boundaries and allowing the energy of bliss of Krishna to unfold by itselfa�?.
    December 4. Entry free (children below seven years of age are not allowed).At Chowdiah Memorial Hall,Vyalikaval. 6.45 pm.
    Details: 23445810
    a�� Priyadarshini Nandy


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