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    VDeliver is back after a five-year hiatus, determined to succeed

    VDeliver, the hyperlocal delivery service, is not new to the city. Its founder, Srinivas Madhavam, had launched it back in 2011, but the entrepreneur from Hyderabad quickly stopped services when he realised his unfamiliarity with Tamil was impacting his business. Since then, he has picked up the language and turned VDeliver into a success in Hyderabad (where he launched operations in 2014). Now hea��s coming back to Chennai, with a relaunch planned for February.
    The question, however, is how he plans to deal with the competitiona��similar companies have cropped up in the interim, like Kwickdel, Easy Bikes, Genie and the like. a�?We have tried to be as different as possible from the rest. For example, Kwickdel delivers only till 7 pm, but our services are available up to 11 pm,a�? Madhavam assures. They have also taken customer satisfaction quite seriously. a�?Our delivery person will take a photo of the products before he starts from the pick-up point, and will take another when he reaches the destination, so if the customer wishes to check for damages, he can compare both,a�? he explains. With regards to deliveringA� food from the restaurants that they are tying up with, he says they are willing to deliver a second time (with added charges) if the customer is not satisfied with the quality and insists on a repeat delivery. Other items they deliver include stationery, corporate gifts and even organic milk (courtesy The Right Moo).

    Details: vdeliver.in a��Karan Pillai


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