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Intelligent comedy comes to town with Aisi Taisi Democracy

INDIAN Ocean bass-player and singer Rahul Ram, lyricist of Gangs of Wasseypur fame Varun Grover, and comedian-actor Sanjay Rajoura team up for a socio-political comedy show, Aisi Taisi Democracy (ATD). The comedy project, which also includes music, took off last May, and has been touring the country since. Currently, ita��s basking in the success of their recently-released Mere Saamne Waali Sarhad Pe, a song highlighting the similarities between India and Pakistan.
Rajoura and Grover have always liked each othera��s sense of humour and planned to collaborate. But Grover wanted to add music so Rajouraa��s friend, Ram, came on board. a�?Absurdities always invite satire and mockery. Our collective fallacies and quirks tickle our funny bones. With our country, it seems the best way to draw attention to shortcomings,a�? says Ram.
Music and lyrics
Telling us how they create the act, Rajoura says, a�?Usually Varun and I meet shortly before the show and discuss the topics. We write songs and later, Rahul adds his opinion and composes them. Then, we finalise the entry and exit points. A lot of it is spontaneous chemistry on stage.a�?
So far they have not received any backlash for their no-holds-barred act. a�?We are just artistes, voicing opinions through humour and music. This paranoia is spread by extremists for their own selfish gains. Being politically incorrect is quite normal in any functioning democracy,a�? says Grover, adding that even the trio is not always on the same page. a�?Discussing creative differences and focusing on commonalities help. We comment on each othera��s views on stage itself,a�? Ram signs off.
September 7. 5 pm and 7.30 pm. At Alliance Francaise, Vasant Nagar. Tickets (Rs.500 up) on bookmyshow.com

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