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    Vegetarian food A�gets a good dose of smart grains and A�traditional flavours

    FoodAnchor2City-based artiste Jyothi Madinur has gone from supplying chikankari work at Cauvery emporium to dishing healthy millet-based food at Vaathsalya, The Millet Cafe, a quaint little nook with a limited daily menu focused on local grains and homely cooking styles.
    We began with ragi laddoos, sweetened with jaggery and garnished with fresh coconut. Simple but appealing. Then we dived into the substantial thaali with enough varied veggies to interest even a hardcore carnivore. Curries made from Amaranth leaves, capsicum and brinjal, a yogurt salad with chow-chow, a�?ricea�� a�� saame (little millet) and rajmudi (hand-pounded sona masuri). But the star of the show was the okra chutney and buttermilk curry. For those with a sweet tooth, their navane or foxtail millet payasa was different yet as delicious as the hesaru bele or moong dal payasa, a staple in most South Indian homes. If you are feel like having just a snack, try their ragi pop, a popcorn version of ragi mixed with a few spices. Or the aralu (popped rice) buttermilk and the chocolate ragi malt if your are feeling adventurous. They use locally grown organic grains. And if you would like to try any of the items at home, you can pick up their pre-packaged mixes sold at the cafe.
    `120 ++. At Vatsalya Millet Cafe,
    JP Nagar. Details: 9449064494
    a�� Tia Raina


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