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Original music meets skill and passion through Refuge

Aman Mahajan has been studying classical music through the pianoA� ever since he can remember. Growing up with a strong foundation in Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, high school and college exposed him to more contemporary styles like jazz and folk. Today, Mahajan, armed with a degree in music from the Berkeley College of Music, spearheads a city-based band, Refuge, that has its roots in jazz and branches out into various styles of world music. They embark on their first tour through the South hitting Hyderabad (June13), Bangalore (June 14) and Chennai (June 15) along their way.

Surround sound
Just over a year old, Refuge is made up of Mahajan on the piano, Matt Littlewood on the saxophone, Mishko Ma��ba on bass guitar, and Jeoraj George on drums. AA� diverse ensemble, from different parts of the globe, they bring in their own unique experiences and styles to create a sound that is structurally jazz, using the quartet formation, with strong influences from the genres of folk, Indian classical and even African rhythms.

a�?Each of us have a strong grounding in jazz music but have been exposed to different influences because of our backgrounds, which we add to our sound. In short, I call it jazz world music,a�? shares Mahajan who writes the basic music structure with parts pre-assigned to each artiste.

A different note
Each of them are also allowed to incorporate their own sound and freestyle during certain parts of every performance. a�?That is why we call it a performance with equal parts structure and improvisation, making each rendition truly unique,a�? says Mahajan who plans to record their forthcoming gigs across this tour and the next for a live album that will select the ultimate best.
9 pm. At bFlat Bar, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar. Tickets (`300) on

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