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    Karachi-based Sidra Jafri, on her motivational workshop, The Awakening, in the South

    With eight years of counselling experience and innumerable life changing therapy sessions under her belt, Sidra Jafri is all set to make her Indian debut with her workshop a�?The Awakening.a�� Starting with Chennai, Jafri will conduct workshops in Coimbatore and Bangalore from May 16 to May 18. Born and brought up in Karachi, Jafri has conducted workshops on awareness, leadership, communication, weight loss, stress management, conflict management, finding your purpose and being in a loving relationship.

    DSC_5341Her decision to tour India was made when Puja Gupta of Life by Design and Success Gyan, Indiaa��s largest event organising company approached her. a�?We joined forces to live our mission of helping people live an awakened life of better health, wealth, and relationships,a�? says Jafri. a�?I am very excited about the Indian tour. I feel the people of Coimbatore and Chennai will have lots of questions for me, which I love! I am looking forward to sharing in their stories and successes,a�? she adds. Prior to this, Jafri has conducted workshops in South Africa, the UK, Russia and Pakistan. a�?I have seen changes in many peoplea��s lives as a result of my workshops. From being in debt to becoming financially abundant and from being unemployed to starting their own company, I have seen it all,a�? says Jafri, a double degree holder in Business Administration and Management from the UK.

    While talking about her workshops, Jafri concentrates one important word a�� faith. a�?The more faith I have, the more my life unfolds with ease and grace. I share this with people so that they could use it,a�? she stresses. Apart from a�?The Awakening,a�� Jafri also conducts a�?The Ascensiona��a�� a workshop that helps people in rising above the limitations of the human mind and accessing universal wisdom. Between 10 am and 1.30 pm in Chennai, Coimbatore and Bangalore.

    Details: 9677077991 (The Westin, Chennai), 999494660 (Vivanta by Taj – Surya, Coimbatore)/ 9341233694 (Hyatt, Bangalore)

    -Aishwarya Kumar


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