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    A new, monthly property will air a series of award-winning miniseries

    STARTING this weekend, Star World Premiere HD will air an award-winning miniseries every month, till December. A cross between a film and a TV show, we have already been introduced to the concept thanks to the Band of Brothers aired last year on HBO Defined. The 10-part miniseries that chronicles the Easy Company, a US army unit during World War II, is also part of this line-up. So get some popcorn and find out what to expect in the next three months, on Star World Premiere Miniseries of the Month (beginning tomorrow).

    Angels in America: Adapted from Tony Kushnera��s Pulitzer Prize winning play, the eponymous miniseries follows the social and religious issues of 1980s America. The focus is particularly on the LGBT community, and their cry for acceptance. Directed by Mike Nichols (of The Graduate fame) the four-episoder stars Meryl Streep and Al Pacino. August 6-7.
    The Jinx: This crime-docu series puts New York real estate magnate, Robert Durst, under the spotlight. Over six episodes, it investigates the three crimes he has been accused ofa��the 1982 disappearance of his wife Kathie, the 2000 killing of writer Susan Berman, and the 2001 death and dismemberment of his neighbour, Morris Black. Co-directed by Andrew Jarecki, the story has it that Durst liked the formera��s 2010 feature film, All Good Things, and offered to be interviewed. The series uses these interview excerpts, news and security footage, along with police evidence. September 3-4.

    Show Me a Hero: Based on a 1999-nonfiction book of the same name, by former New York Times writer Lisa Belkin, Show Me A Hero is set in the New York city of Yonkers. The city hit headlines in the late 1980s when a federal court ordered 200 units of affordable housing to be built in its white neighbourhoods. The six-episode miniseries stars Oscar Isaac in the role of mayor Nick Wasicsko, and shows how he confronts his enraged constituency. Directed by Paul Haggis, the show explores the intertwined issues of race, class and social housing.
    October 1-2.
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