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Burrow is on a mission to build a happy ecosystem of landlords and tenants in the city

Finding a roof over your head in a new city, or even as you move to a new locality, is one thing, and dealing with landlords thereafter is another. It isn’t easy. Bengaluru-based technology company TIGER Innovations is working towards resolving the pesky issues of household, and rental management.

Their newly-launched Android app, Burrow, aims to address the problems of landlords, and their tenants equally. The idea is to do away with the practice of back-and-forth calls between the two parties, and automate their dealings altogether. The app reminds you of the date for your rental payment, notifies your landlord of transactions, and keeps a log of the previous receipts. It even broadcasts messages, ranging from the status of power cuts, water supply, to maintenance work.

Its CEO, Robin K Francis, tells us how to get started with the app. “After downloading it, the tenant has to create a tab for the building he stays in. Then he/she needs to send an invite to their landlord, by feeding the latter’s phone number.”On the front of landlords, they can keep a digital record of your photo ID, address proof, and other essential agreement details, as well as keep a tab on your rental dues. Once the landlord acknowledges the receipt of your rent, the ‘paid’ button on the app turns green. They have also integrated Kannada, and Hindi language options after user feedback. Then, they have also tied up with Bro4u startup to provide 20-25 handymen services in the buildings. Delivery of groceries at your doorstep, and integration of a payment gateway on the app is in the pipeline.
Details: burrow.co.in

-Barkha Kumari


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