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    SYED Ibrahimsha hosts Rettai Vaal, the evening show on Radio Mirchi, along with RJ Vijay. Hea��s travelled a long way to get where he is todaya��from interning and producing to finally hosting the evening prime time. Apart from hosting and writing, he has always had an interest in moviesa��he didna��t wanta to just watch them, he wanted to be in them, too. His first venture, Pencil, is running successfully. Herea��s what he had to say:

    Congratulations on Pencil.
    It was quite a journey. When we started off, I had only two scenes in the movie. However, later I ended up appearing in a good number of them. I should thank GV Prakash for his inputs. He is such a positive person and working with him has been a privilege. I also had a chance to share screen space with Urvasi and was happy to learn shea��d appreciated my work.

    Tell us about your new book, Oru Cup Confidence.
    I used to tell a lot of stories about inspiring personalities whom Ia��d met on the show. Then, one day, a publication called me and asked me to write a book of short motivational stories. Thata��s how Oru Cup Confidence happened. I am elated that some doctors have been suggesting my book to young students, especially those who lack motivation in life. What makes me happier is when I get calls from readers, about how it had a positive impact on their lives.

    Are you playing the lead in another film?
    Yes, my next movie is Oodha, directed by Palani. He was the associate director in Engaeyum Eppothum. Ita��s a rural love story with a lot of humour.

    Will you continue with radio?
    Radio Mirchi has been my backbone and has helped me develop my voice and wit. Every day is a learning experience. The station also gives me space and helps my mind stay young and fresh. I will continue working here.
    Watch out for Syed Ibrahimsha. See you next week.



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