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    From mixology to astrology, ring in 2014 with these cool apps

    Around the world: It doesn’t matter if you’re at home this New Year’s eve. You can still be a part of the festivities—not just in your hometown, but all over the globe—with EarthCam. Available only to iOS users, this app has exclusive live webcams of celebrations from all around the world. You’ll even have the best seats for the Time Square ball dropping and the fireworks at the Sydney Harbour. Price: `110. Details: earthcam.com

    Sense and responsibility: Be a responsible party person with the Blood Alcohol Calculator offered on Android and iOS (from different creators). You can track your drinks by entering your statistics and adding drinks as you consume them. Within the time frame, the apps will graph your intoxication levels and help you estimate when you’ll be sober again. Price: `55 on iOS and free on Android

    Stir it up: With over 1,000 recipes for cocktails and mocktails, the Mixology Drink and Cocktail Recipes app is essential if you are entertaining guests this year end. The best part is that it will pick out recipes to suit what ingredients you have at home, which means no midnight runs to the store. Terminology for the bartender and easy categories make this one a winner. Free for the basic version. Details: play.google.com

    Soothsayer: New Year’s Oracle is a fun way to ring in 2014. Based on an ancient Roman tradition, the app lets you pour molten lead into cold water, and then interpret the random shapes it forms. Their in-built guide will help ignite your imagination—perhaps a wave means you will travel, a book could spell more studies in your future, or a kiss could be a  herald for love. Details: oracle.christoph-just.de

    — Aakanksha Singh Devi


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