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From Left, Bruno Ferrari, Esmath Khaleeli, Pinky & Girish Padmaraj

Another year bites the dust, and the hoopla heralding the New Year seems considerably less this time. Maybe the global economy is playing spoilsport, but over hyped New Yeara��s Eve parties needed to be taken down a notch. I do realise that namma Bengaluru has its fair share of aspirational folks from the boonies, who think flashing green backs around gives certain respectability.

Read my lips. It spells an emphatic a�?Noa�� dahlings! The week was filled with intimate Christmas soirA�es. Way better than crass ostentatious displays dahlings. Franck Barthelemy, the suave French art connoisseur, threw a beautiful party for a handful of friends on Christmas Eve.

The guests were as eclectic and interesting as the French food beautifully presented by the gracious host. The evening wore on to a pretty robust conclusion, the guests getting their fill of wine, both from the bottle and the coq-au-vin. Christmas day dawned, and now it has become a sort of tradition to celebrate with the a�?Fabulous Ms Oa�� at her humble abode.

The a�?shy and retiringa�� hostess has an uncanny knack of mesmerising her guests (who hail from all over the world) into staying till dinner time, which would be fine if we werena��t invited to brunch!A�An overdose of food from her amply laden table, an overdose of champagne, and an over dose of cognac. I for one didna��t see anyone complain.

(Left) Praveen Mansata & Rikin Kotecha; Deepa Subramanian, Nalini Nanjudaya & Franck B

(Left) Praveen Mansata & Rikin Kotecha; Deepa Subramanian, Nalini Nanjudaya & Franck B

Praveen Mansata celebrated his landmark birthday, the only way he knows how a�� in style! The farm house of Rikin and Reetika Kotecha was beautifully decked up for this occasion. Large bonfires protected us from the nip in the air and elegant guests were wrapped in Pashminas while younger friends wrapped around each other on the dance floor. Now this man really knows how to throw a party.
Till next year, I bid you all a warm adieu.

Rubi Chakravarti (m rubichakravarti@gmail.com)


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