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    Smoke House Deli pulls out all the stops with its revamped menu

    The New Year spells new beginnings. While many a restaurant is trying to whip up new menus, only a few get it right. Smoke House Deli, who have conjured up a menu with 34 new dishes, is one of them. From breakfasts to salads, soups, sandwiches, burgers, risotto, pasta and desserts, itai??i??s an elaborate assortment fit for kings.

    At the chefai??i??s table, we were served a selection of their best picks. We started with the Crunchy mozzarella fritters sprinkled with cheese powder. A burst of warm mozzarella cheese accompanied with a medley of spicy, salty and tangy flavours and an interplay of gooey and crunchy textures makes this a sinful dish. Then came the Smoked black pepper chicken. While the chefs had made an earnest effort to smoke the black pepper, the final result fell short because of the oversalted chicken. But the next dish managed to compensate for the chicken. The Panko crusted Kashmiri chilli with cottage cheese on corn flat bread was a delectable assortment of textures, flavours and of course, colours. The panko coating mellowed down the chilli flavour, while the corn and cottage cheese made it worth every bite. The meaty Prawn fritter with spiced mayo concluded the impressive appetiser course.

    The Roasted sweet corn-sour cream with truffle oil soup makes for ideal comfort food. The dollop of sour cream and truffle oil helped reduce the sweetness of the corn. Next, the Tomato bocconcini salad with queen olives and pesto vinaigrette is the perfect dish for those who eat healthy.

    The Potato gnocchi three cheese sauce roasted vegetables pasta and the Slow-roasted cauliflower mascarpone risotto were rich in flavour and texture. With such a heavy start, we could only manage to take a small bite of the Three-way polenta cake with chickpeas. This dish was basic with nothing much to describe about the taste, though the plating seemed impressive with all those bright reds and greens.

    The desserts, as expected were the highlights of the afternoon! An unbelievable torrent of flavours was unleashed on our palates.

    From the Milk cake with toasted hazelnuts, Prune crumble tart with dark chocolate tart and Lemon tart with orange mascarpone cream to the White chocolate with lemon molten chocolate cake, each of the desserts were outstanding on their own. But, it was the white chocolate with lemon molten chocolate cake that was top-notch. Just as our spoon sliced through the fondant cake, the molten chocolate infused with lemon gushed out and the sweet aroma wrapped our senses in sinful indulgence. The five-course meal left us with a deep sense of guilt but with food so good, itai??i??s definitely worth every extra calorie!

    From February 6. Rs 1500++ for two. At Lavelle Road and Indira Nagar. Details: 40515151

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