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Apps for children now aim to  improve eidetic memory, explore their  surroundings, and even learn coding


Apps are not just for technology-crazy adults. In an age where more and more innovations are being targeted at children, here are a few apps that are coming up with interesting parenting and educational solutions.
The Earth: By TinyBop, this is the fifth edition of their ‘Explorer’s Library’. The iPad/tablet app is like a stimulator, allowing children to ‘play’ with elements like wind to create sand dunes or change the height of a volcano in real time. Launched this September, the illustrations are by New York-based Sarah Jacoby. “Over 30,000 schools worldwide use TinyBop apps and that number grows with every addition to the Explorer’s Library,” Jacoby explains. The app maker also partners with teachers from institutions like Stanford University, California and CEIPNejapa, a bilingual school in Madrid, to develop its digital toys. Available on the App store, for ages four and above. Details: support.tinybop.com
Inaki: Atishe and Nishyta Chordia of Chen-nai-based Doodleblue Innovations launched Ianki, an app designed to improve the eidetic memory in children, this June. “Inaki helps little users advance through basic education—like alphabets, colours and places—along with an emphasis on listening and speaking skills,” says Chordia. The app’s animated mascot, chimpanzee Ayumu, helps children navigate through puzzles, quizzes and games with audio interactions. Currently, the duo are integrating feedback from parents, teachers and special educators, to introduce a feature to measure a child’s progress. “To keep them engaged, the games in future versions will progress from easy to complex. We will also include play-therapy based memory games,” says Mina Dilip, their play therapist. For ages six to nine. Available on App Store and GooglePlay.
Details: 9566162753
—Sneha Jalan