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    Rohit Balai??i??s first collaborationAi??with Good Earth cele-brates Mughal flamboyance

    Celebrating Persian design, with hints of the Renaissance and post-impressionism art movements is Husn-e-Taairaat, the dAi??cor and apparel capsule line that marks ace designer Rohit Balai??i??s first tie-up with Good Earth. The designer, who had debuted a namesake couture line last year at the Amazon India Fashion Weekai??i??which had turned heads with its regal air and vibrant coloursai??i??is reinterpreting it for the luxury lifestyle brand. His tribute to handicrafts and nature finds expression in products ranging from everyday luxury garments like quilted jackets, trousers and tunics to accent pieces like cushions, mugs, plates and vases.

    Signature style

    Balai??i??s Kashmiri roots are evident in the lineai??i??s signature motifs, which include multi-coloured lotuses, birds like peacocks, and flora and fauna, all done in the vintage style of pichwai painting. His favourite royal blueAi??ai??i??stylised with elaborate patterns on the finest habutai silk, and brought to life with generous splashes of reds and pinksai??i??are reminiscent of finely-made Persian carpets.

    The home range uses detailed handwork on fine bone china, ceramic and glass, in hues of blue, jade and ivory, accentuated with 24-carat gold and platinum. ai???Weai??i??re constantly adding new items, a recent addition being the two-tier cake tray. Weai??i??re also thinking of doing some wall plates,ai??? says the 55-year old designer, who is foraying into home dAi??cor for the first time.

    Home decor `3,400 up. Apparel `9,500 up. Details: goodearth.in

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