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Shaun Kenworthy, Minnie & Arvind Raju (Left), Author with Shane Krige and Carlos Savaadra (Top), Anu Nagappa & Susan Fernandes (Down)

HAVEA� just got off the roller coaster! Just when you think life is hunky dory, something bites you on the derriere. Ita��s bad enough that one has to ward off all the little a�?wannabesa�� who are ready to jump on your bandwagon, but when one is pre-occupied with a loved onea��s illness everything looks rather bleak.

Imi went through a surgery and it was a nasty, scary experience for me to see my proverbial a�?rock of Gibraltara�� so vulnerable. But the Universe has a way of working things out, and it did in the shape of two rockstar surgeons, Nand Kumar Jairam and Satish. It is such a relief and pleasure to be in a hospital (Columbia Asia) that fosters and encourages healing of both body and soul. The nursing staff and the doctors, all made sure that one felt as well as possible, as soon as possible. Kudos. And other hospitals, please take a leaf out of their book!

Back to business with a bang, the first thing I did was check out my favourite designer duo, Anu Nagappa and Susan Fernandesa��s new prA?t-a-porter collection over champagne and canapA�s. A great new ethnic and earthy collection of ready-to-wear got snapped up like it was going out of fashion, and left the friendly duo smiling from ear to ear.

Visiting the Ritz Carlton is always an uber exclusive experience whether ita��s on a spa date with my daughter or a small tA?te-a-tA?te with a few discerning ladies to enjoy a range of fabulous martinis and hors da��oeuvres in their stunning suite on the top floor that has a sweeping view of the city. The soft-spoken GM, Shane Krige, playing perfect host and the super stylish Carlos Savaadra, hair stylist from the famed Rossano Ferretti Salons, was on hand to gently give the swooning ladies some hair tips. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the a�?ritzya�� and glamorous ambience.

We were invited by the charming brother-sister duo Arvind and Meenakshi Raju to check out heir new and happening place, 153 Biere Street, in Whitefield. A beautiful place dominated by a central courtyard, the a�?streeta�� is dotted with a micro-brewery, two restaurants, a charming confectionary shoppe and a couple of high-end stores. The ambience is such that it could transport one into any quaint street in Europe. A place with a lot of promise and I simply loved it!

Missed me? Of that, Ia��m quite sure my dahlings!

– Rubi Chakravarti (m rubichakravarti@gmail.com)
The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in her personal capacity.


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