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    When DKNY head honcho and designer Donna Karan came to India for a spot of fabric shopping, in January this year, one of her pit stops was the Pollachi-based Ethicus, an organic textile and apparel label owned by the husband-wife duo, Vijayalakshmi Nachiar and Mani Chinnaswamy. Ethicus not only focusses on reviving Indian handlooms through their beautiful weaves, but is also considered a pioneer in the field of farm to fashion initiatives. Raintree hosts Ethicusa�� new collection, Love Story this weekend, which focusses on colour and romance, drawing inspiration from symbols of love including chocolates, Cupida��s arrow and roses. Nachiar tells us more.

    Designing with love
    Love Story was designed to attract youngsters to the beauty of the sari. We made a note of the many things, emotions, and words we associate with love, for example, chocolate, music, lace, and the Taj Mahal. The woven motifs we used are multi coloured hand-picked or Jamdani motifs of butterflies and umbrellas.

    The creation process
    Once the theme is decided, we work on the mood board. Colours, inspiration, motifs and other such details are researched. Loom settings are also adjusted as per designs and techniques to be used in creating the new designs. Samples are first created and then production begins. This whole period takes eight months!

    Colour palette used
    The saris are colourful with lots of contrasts. Rose, green and silver signify young love. Red, black and gold forms our colour pallette for the theme, seduction. Off white with gold and silver represents jasmine flowers. For the first time, we have experimented with bold motifs like butterflies.
    Rs.3,500 upwards. June 12 and 13. At Sankey Road. Details: 22354396


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