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    The All India Bakchods come to town with their very special film awards

    Gursimran Khamba and Tanmay Bhat got together in January 2012 and set up a regular comedy podcast that dealt with stuff that amused them or they thought would amuse others. Six months later, fellow stand-up comedians Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya joined them to set up a comic quartet a�� the All India Bakchods. WhileA� The Sex Show a�� a�?a guysa�� version of The Vagina Monologuesa��, according to Khamba, has received rave reviews, the act that put them firmly on the Indian comedy circuit is The Royal Turds, also dubbed a�?the Razzies of Indiaa��. Khamba talks to us about Bollywood and what sets them apart ahead of their show this Thursday.

    1. The Royal Turds: The rest of the guys wrote for awards shows like Filmfare and Stardust and got sick of that. We decided to do a version of what really happens through a mix of sketch, stand-up and music.

    2. Your X factor: I think wea��re funnier than other shows that worked around the same theme. Also, we dona��t take the awards too seriously. For us ita��s just a peg. In fact, we dona��t think some of the films we nominate are particularly bad. For example, Gangs of Wasseypur. All of us loved the film, but we just thought it was funny how such little known actors became so famous and indie films were put on the map after it. Ita��s really all about the comedy and making the audience laugh. We even have completely unrelated categories like a�?The worst ad an actor has starred ina��. So, we play on ironies (always do it at Liberty Cinema) and incorporate a lot of random elements in our act (hired a lot of celeb look alikes, leaving the audience completely confused!). Plus, we have a strong music element.

    3. Challenges of the South:A� Cities like Bangalore and Chennai always pose a challenge for a Bollywood-themed show because a Bombay audience will get a more a�?insideya�� joke, like whoa��s sleeping with whom. So we have to keep it a little more broad-based. We hope the audience is up to date with trashy Bollywood!

    4. The worst entry to the Oscars this year: Our entry. The Good Road or some bulls**t like that which around four people ever saw.

    5. The funniest Indian award nomination: The ones they make up just to please a big star who has decided to attend the event. Like the one they gave Salman Khan last year for best use of social media.

    6. The funniest film dialogue: All Kanti Shah film dialogues!

    7. The funniest lyrics: Last year had a lot of random ones that were basically just sounds like Pom Pom Pom from Son of Sardar and Ta Ta Tu Tu from Gangs of Wasseypur. It was like EDM gone bad.

    8. A comedian you would like to be a part of your act: I dona��t think any comedian would want to be on stage with us! But, Patrice Oa��Neill would have had an interesting take on our show, I think.

    March 27. 7 pm.A� At Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Malleswaram. Tickets (Rs. 750 a�� Rs. 999) at bookmyshow.com

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