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    How to buy avanafil Coffee with kalonji seeds and burgers with unusual breads at this cafe

    Jumping onto a culinary trend is tricky business. Either you get it utterly right or fall flat. With Cafe Da Matteo, the new coffee shop thatai??i??s opened in North Bengaluruai??i??s RT Nagar, we say they are scrambling in-between, trying to figure out their coffee premise.

    Their promises though are mighty: that they have flown down chefs from Saudi Arabia and offer dishes such as Crab cake, Chicken shack, Lobster sandwich, Loco moco fries on the predominantly Middle Eastern menu, but we were served the regular fare of coffee, finger foods and burgers. Our meal started with the Royal cappuccino. The cafe claims itai??i??s made with original Arabica coffee beans from Brazil and with a pinch of kalonji (nigella) seeds. The super size coffee mug is the only saving grace of this odd combination.

    Next in line were the finger foods that included chicken nuggets, chicken fries and vegetable patties . Then we were served three different types of burgers ai??i?? made with kulcha, bagel and sheermal respectively. Now that we were startled enough with the ai???exoticai??i?? coffee preparation, we werenai??i??t really expecting a regular burger. The kulcha and bagel burgers had similar layers (chicken patty, salami and sausages). But it was the sheermal burger that managed to save the day. Sheermal is a soft, fluffy bread thatai??i??s usually eaten with curries, but here it was innovatively used to create a family size burger. Try Cafe Da Matteo only if you must.

    Rs 400 for two. At RT Nagar. Details: 40904101
    ai??i?? Ayesha Tabassum


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