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    Add some personality to your tabletop with bespoke dinnerware

    WHILE ita��s convenient to pick cutlery and crockery off a shelf or from a catalogue, you can make your dinner parties extra special by adding your own design aesthetic to your tableware. We bring you a few options to choose from. Text: Rashmi Rajagopal

    Bracialeto & Beyond

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    Bracialeto & Beyond enter the world of bespoke cutlery with their collection of stylish, hand-crafted pieces created from food grade steel. The range includes beaded spoon, fork and knife sets, olive picks, cake servers, ladles, pasta serving spoons and fork sets. Each piece comes with a wide variety of imported Murano lampwork and wooden beads to complement every mood and occasion and can be changed as per your tastes. Rs. 999 upwards. Details: bracialeto.com


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