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    Add some personality to your tabletop with bespoke dinnerware

    WHILE ita��s convenient to pick cutlery and crockery off a shelf or from a catalogue, you can make your dinner parties extra special by adding your own design aesthetic to your tableware. We bring you a few options to choose from. Text: Rashmi Rajagopal

    Anita Raheja

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    With over 30 years’ experience in painting on Limoges, from France, Anita Raheja marries her Indian roots with Western aesthetics to create wonderful handpainted pieces. Her colours are made from mineral oxide, mixed with natural oils, and platinum and 24-carat gold as borders, outlines and tiny accents. Staying true to her aesthetic, she only takes on clients who want something that is in keeping with her body of work. Rs. 5,000 upwards. At JW Marriott, Vittal Mallya Road. Details: 67189999


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