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    Add some personality to your tabletop with bespoke dinnerware

    WHILE ita��s convenient to pick cutlery and crockery off a shelf or from a catalogue, you can make your dinner parties extra special by adding your own design aesthetic to your tableware. We bring you a few options to choose from. Text: Rashmi Rajagopal

    Banana Pottery

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    A product of the National Institute of Design, Thomas Louis is the man behind Banana Pottery in Socorro, North Goa. Located in a quaint old house, his studio turns out unique stoneware plates, platters, serving bowls and coffee mugs. Working with a wide spectrum of colours, Louis specialises in sea-themed designs but is pretty much open to trying out any design his clients want. His handmade ceramic products can be found in restaurants, resorts and quite a few homes too. Rs. 350 upwards. Details: facebook.com/bananapottery


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